Best 10 Jeans brand in India 2018

Fashion and style has become one of the leading needs of people around the world and so for Indians. Undoubtedly, people have started giving more attention to their looks and styles, and of course, clothing is the leading factor that can bring both for you. While talking about fashion and clothes, then how can we overlook the vital part of jeans that they are playing for many years? A pair of jeans has been undergone almost 360-degree transformation-from cuts to stuff, and there are infinite options to choose from.However, that is why we have listed the Ten best jeans brand in India for the jeans lovers. By wearing these jeans, you can vaunt without compromising on style and comfort.

The 10 Best Jeans Brand in India


The company-Levis founded in May 1853 is one of the famous and most desiring jeans brands in India. This brand is specially designed for young people who are always ready to experiment with their clothing style. From low cuts to massive washouts and seductive fits, it offers everything for everyone. Well, after dominating the denim market for several years, Levis is going to beat the competitors in the market with something more innovative and trendy.
You can buy jeans in a regular fit, slim fit as well as in a skinny fit. Nowadays, Levis 501 jeans are very much favorite among youngsters as there is so much variety in colors, shapes, and styles.


Lee-more than a century old known American denim jeans brand. It was launched in 1889 and has been in India since 1995. If style would have another name, then Lee is the one, it has been offering style statement to more than 8 countries in the world, including India. You can find a variety of collection, like 101+ Urban Rider, Classics, and much more. Almost all shops in India deal with Lee Denim Jeans. So, when you are going to buy for yourself?


Another excellent Indian Jean brand, it was established in 1989 by Mumbai based Kewal Kiran Clothing Limited. It is a home store of the most stylish, comfortable, trendy and affordable jeans in India. The owner of this brand started with low rise jeans and shredded, and year after year, the brand improved the quality of fabric, variety of designs, shades, etc.

Anyhow, the best feature of this brand is affordable it offers in the form of products. You can choose from best to a slim fit and skinny fit at affordable rates. Moreover, there are almost 183 Indian cities that have retail stores containing killer jeans.


The most famous brand which is serving the youngster and middle age people since 1998 with high-quality and comfortable jeans is Mufti. Yes, a brand by Mr. Kamal Khushlani, which is the India’s leading denim jeans brand. It offers a variety of jeans products with an aim to provide the most vibrant jeans collection to all Indians. If you are looking for sophisticated casual clothing, the only brand that comes in mind is Mufti. It has been operating in India for many years and the love of all.

Pepe Jeans London

One of the best Jeans brand in india is Pepe Jeans London is a British brand and have been the most creative brand of jeans for the last 35 years. The Indian people love to wear products of Pepe jeans London as there is an unlimited variety of colors, sizes, fabric for both genders.
Pepe Jeans London is the true definition of high-quality denim. The reason for Pepe Jeans’ success is their market analysis and understanding of youngster clothing needs.
So, if you are looking for the most comfortable and perfect fit collections, then don’t forget about this famous Indian brand.


Another Indian Jeans brand which is operating since 1992, is now the most leading clothing brand that is best known for high-quality jeans manufacturing. The denim that they provide are of top-quality and are famous internationally. They offer not only stylish denim but also provide other apparel, like t-shirts, trousers, jackets, etc.

The quality that makes this brand a unique one is the latest trends and designs offer to customers. So when you are going to transform your looks to not so cool to cool?


Wrangler? Well, who don’t know about this famous American Denim Brand who is contributing to the fashion world since 1904? The jeans that they offer are on par and always provide uniqueness, comfortable and long lasting. So, if you are confused which brand you should go for buying denim, the Wrangler is the one!

You can have all variety of products which varies in shapes, styles, cuts, fabrics, and much more. Once you check wrangler jeans at any Indian retail shop or outlet, we are sure that you will be amazed by the classic rugged collection they offer.


Another brand from the best 10 jeans brands in India is Diesel. It has been in the Indian market for the past many years and offers the most stylish, out-class and latest denim to people. The best characteristic of this brand is they offer denim by category, means you can choose as per fit, by wash and by age group. So, one thing is clear that this brand is for the people and cater to the requirements of the youngster. Whether you need skinny, straight, or clean and treated jeans in nature, you can collect your jeans by visiting the nearest retail store in India.

Numero Uno

Are you looking for the most durable, comfortable denim jeans? Numero Uno should be at your priority! A brand-by Hi Fashion Clothing Company launched in 1987, and since then it has introduced so much variety in men’s denim. They have recently started manufacturing women denim, footwear, and various other accessories. Numero Uno is known for its men’ latest jeans variety and is recognized as the top brand at worldwide level.

Flying Machine

Flying Machine is one of the best jeans brand in India. It was established in 1980 and is one of its kind. One of the best thing about Flying Machine is it distinguishes itself by offering durable fabric, unique style, and graphics. It is specially designed for the fashion-conscious Indian youth. And so different offer different types of jeans, including slim, skinny, super skinny, etc. So, why wait for more? Grab your favorite type from the nearest retail store or online.

Summing Up

These 10 best jeans brand in India are top in our list. Every second brand is unique in something from the other ones. So, it depends on your requirements, and choose which make the top brands.

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