Flipkart Smartbuy Trimmer review: Best Buy for 500 rupees?

Here you will find the detailed Flipkart Smartbuy trimmer review.

We ordered this trimmer for 453 rupees and the product was well packaged and delivered on the very next day, all thanks to Flipkart.com for their good service.

1.) What you get in the box:

best trimmer under 500 rupees

The Flipkart smart buy trimmer comes with 4 attachable clips of 3 mm, 6 mm, 9mm, 12mm, 1 USB cable for charging the product, 1 cleaning brush, 1 small lubricating oil bottle, and 1 user manual.

2.) Design & Build Quality

The design of the trimmer is very nice which looks good. It is available in two color options such as black silver and black blue.

The build quality of the Flipkart Smartbuy trimmer is very solid, it’s heavy and gives a very good hands-on feel while holding the trimmer in hand. All the Clips provided are also made of good quality material, the cleaning brush and lubricating oil do their job very well.

However, the USB cable quality is average.

3.) Battery Backup

The product when received was already charged. So, we drained the battery completely and charged the device again.

In the process, the trimmer took around 5.5 hours(approximately) to charge to its full capacity. The trimmer provides a battery run time of 60 minutes, which is very good for a trimmer for 500 rupees.

It also comes with a led indicator.

4.) Performance

The stainless steel blades are very sharp and provide an overall good precision. However, the motor inside the trimmer makes noise which relatively higher than other trimmers(specifically when compared to Philips).

It provides the length settings of 3 mm, 6 mm, 9mm, 12mm via attachable clips. The trimmer also provides a close shave experience via the 0.5 mm trim.

Final Verdict: Should You Buy it or Not?

While doing the Flipkart smart buy trimmer review, we tested the trimmer for all beard lengths, drained the battery completely and then charged it fully.

After testing it for many days, we have come to the conclusion of the following points:

1.) The Build quality of the product is very good, But the USB cable is average.

2.) The performance is very good, but the motor makes more noise than other trimmers.

After considering all the above points, we would say that the Flipkart smart buy trimmer is a complete value for many products when it comes to buying a trimmer for 500 rupees.

Also, Flipkart.com is also providing a 2-year manufacturer warranty on the product against functional defects.

We recommend that you check the terms for warranty before buying the product.

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