How to Take Care of Leather Shoes in Rainy Season

At last, it is the rainy season that has given us relief from the hot summers. It is when you feel the soothing and cold winds of the monsoon with water showering all over. It is also the time when you should take special care of your leather shoes. During the rains, it is very obvious for them to get wet, muddy & dirty. In order to maintain the quality, look & overall fit of your leather footwear, there are certain steps that are to be followed.

Following are the tips to take care of leather shoes in the Rainy season:


Yes, The first & foremost tip is to avoid putting them on during the rainy season. The overall texture, fit & quality can be deteriorated by the water & mud. You should always avoid wearing leather shoes when it is raining outside.


In case if it is that formal meeting or a date, where you cannot miss out on wearing your favorite leather shoes. Then you should always dry them in natural air. Never use a hairdryer or heater as it may crack up the leather. We always recommend that you should dry your shoes under the fan or in the regular room temperature.

Always store them in the right place

Always store you shoes at a dry place, always avoid them storing in places with moisture. If you are not using them then, you should stuff a tissue paper/news paper inside your shoes in order to keep them dry. Also avoid storing them in wooden cupboards, as the wood can absorb the moisture in the rainy season.

Remove the Fungus

Don’t just throw your shoes in case they get fungus. Yeah, it is difficult to remove the mould/fungus but not impossible. You can clean the fungus by scrubbing it with an old toothbrush. Clean them properly and let them dry in natural in order to further attacks of Fungus at your favorite shoes.

No Mud & Damp:

Never ever allow the mud to stay over your leather shoes. Any hardened mud/damp should always be cleaned from shoes. You can use a brush and clean the mud from your shoes after a walk in a rain. Don’t let the mud dry out on your shoes and clean it immediately.

Polish & Add Shine to your shoes

Polishing your shoes always keeps your shoes shining and provide protection from the moisture of rainy season. You can add a leather conditioner or a natural leather polish in order to enhance the shine and overall quality of the leather. Always apply the polish/leather conditioner with a brush/soft cloth in circular motion.


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